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Securing property insurance is a very important aspect of home ownership, but many mistakes can be made throughout this process.

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First, it is essential that a property owner fills out their application for property insurance truthfully and accurately, and that the property owner ensures the accuracy of the completed application submitted to the insurance company. Do not just sign the signature page of the application without reviewing the information in the application closely. Oftentimes agents will complete the application on behalf of the property owner, but this can lead to inaccuracies and mistakes that can prove problematic. Unfortunately, any mistakes or misrepresentation on the application for insurance that is deemed “material” to the coverage that the carrier writes has the potential to void the insurance policy and/or exclude coverage for a legitimate claim for damages. Therefore, regardless of whether you or your insurance agent filled out your application for insurance, it is your responsibility to review your application closely in order to ensure the accuracy of all the information included in the application.
Second, when selecting a property insurance policy, it is highly recommended that the property owner review the coverages and limitations included in the policy, and discuss as needed with an insurance professional. While many property insurance policies are similar, there are always critical differences relating to the exclusions, conditions, and limitations contained in the policy. Be mindful that your property insurance policy should fully protect the property from certain common occurrences such as water damage from plumbing leaks, windstorm coverage, theft, and flood and that you should have sufficient coverage limitations so that if a loss occurs you will have enough money to fix the damage.
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